services rounded newEnigma Aviation Services has developed a suite of service offerings designed to meet and exceed the ever-pressing demands of the aviation industry.

Our management team has over 40 years' combined experience working at the forefront of aviation security and can provide bespoke services detailed below, to the specific needs of a client. In addition, our services can be developed to integrate seamlessly into national security programmes for individual countries.

Enigma Aviation Services is able to provide the following services to the global aviation market:

  • Passenger screening and passenger assessment
  • Airport security including access control systems and protocols
  • Aircraft guarding and patrolling
  • Hold baggage screening
  • Cargo screening and security
  • Aircraft clean and search
  • Risk evaluation and development of security programmes
  • Internal and external training and audit
  • Passenger services such as assisting passengers with reduced mobility (PRM service)
  • Visa and documentation verification

Our senior team currently provide expert advice to government agencies and the international aviation industry worldwide, and have delivered projects in the following areas:

  • Threat assessments
  • Airport security surveys
  • Airline security surveys